Alloy table

Heavy metal
  chemical identification alloy No. EN - No.
copper-zinc-alloys G-CuZn33Pb   MS 65
  G-CuZn37Pb   MS 60
  G-CuZn15Si4   Si-Tombak
  G-CuZn34Al2   So-MS 75
  G-CuZn31Si3   So-MS bleifrei
  G-CuZn35Al1   So-MS 45
with and without lead
G-CuSn10   GBZ 10
  G-CuSn12   GBZ 12
  G-CuSn11Pb2   GBZ 12 Pb
  G-CuSn14   GBZ 14
  G-CuSn2ZnPb   RG 2
  G-CuSn5ZnPb   RG 5
  G-CuSn7ZnPb   RG 7
copper-aluminium-alloys G-CuAl10Fe   Fe-AlBZ
  G-CuAl10Ni   Ni Al BZ
  G-CuNi   Cu/Ni 90/10