Customer satisfaction has a topmost priority at Dietermann. We make the duties and wishes of our customers our personal challenge. The ability to form jointly with the customer individual and optimized solutions have developed Dietermann to one of the leading suppliers in demanding casting technology for non ferrous metals.

Complete performance spectrum
Our performance spectrum covers development, model design and prototyping, the casting series, machining and logistics. So we cover all process steps from the first idea until the delivery at the customer.

We take flexibility seriously and offer 38 alloyings into heavy and light metal. The casting weights may vary between 10 grams and 2.5 tons.

Our understanding of series goes by the need of the customer and can amount only 1-10 pieces per annum. As a rule, the series sizes for middle sized components can amount to 50,000 pieces a year.


Research and Development

We use for our product development and construction consultation most modern CAD systems. Model making and prototyping can be carried out in-house. That takes care for a fast order processing and is needfully at complex formulations.

Quality safeguarding
A quality safeguarding system, penetrating all processes, accompanies development, production and distribution.