Here the basis for our common success is laid. We analyse the construction drawings, present suggestions and work out optimization potentials. A successful cast product can only be made if everything is done in the front-end to eliminate possible weak points and modification potentials.

In close cooperation with partners we offer the followings, additional performance features:

  • Production of cast models in
    Rapid-Prototyping procedure
  • 3D-Scan measurement
  • Milled models made of metal or
    synthetic materials
  • Reworking of all common 3D formats


Solutions / design: A good overview for good casting design can be found in our newsletter or at a website of the Department of Foundry Technology of University Kassel. We are happy to be your sparring partner to transform your ideas into sound castin

Technical data

The interchange to the most different data formats in 3D and 2D programming is guaranteed by a variety of interfaces and the take-over ability of most different file formats.

3D CAD System
Solid Edge  
3D Format Solid Edge documents: *.par;  *.asm
  IGES documents:            *.iges; *.igs
  ACIS documents:            *.sat
  STEPdocuments: *.step; *.stp
  Parasolid documents: *.x_b; *.x_t
2D Format           
Solid Edge documents:  *.dft
  IGES documents:            *.iges; *.igs
  AutoCAD documents: *.dwg; *dxf