Within the years from 1921 to today the enterprise Dietermann Guss GmbH changed from a local supplier of the Lower Rhine textile industry to a Europe-wide foundry enterprise. Our product spectrum includes cast products for general mechanical engineering, the energy industry, rail vehicles engineering, and the automotive industry, as well as for the textile machinery and electrical industries.

We provide sand casting and our plants are prepared for various requests.
We take care with competent development consultation, experienced model making and quick prototyping, that individual makings and any series sizes become a success.

Supplemented with the mechanical work and a general logistics concept we cover the formation process of a cast component completely.

Our specific expertise rests in the monitoring of the processing and fabrication of complex prefabricated parts with special requirements concerning:

  • construction at optimal cost
  • sophisticated implementation of casting and manufacturing
  • alloy-select
  • density, security relevance, surface quality, chemical, thermal or mechanical loading

Compressor wheel, nature formed

Compressor wheel from G-AIZn10Si8Mg